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Recreational Mix Gas CCR Diver course

2 days / 4 dives

  • 5 hours
  • 555 eura
  • Diving center "Gotodive"

Service Description

A recreational mixed gas rebreather course refers to a diving program that teaches students how to use a specialized diving apparatus that recirculates exhaled air while controlling the composition of breathing gas. This type of diving equipment allows divers to stay underwater for extended periods, compared to open-circuit scuba diving. The course covers the principles of rebreather diving, gas physiology, rebreather configurations, and dive planning. The training includes both theoretical lessons and hands-on practical sessions with a qualified instructor. The course duration typically lasts several days, with the requirement of successful completion of theory and practical assessments. The course also emphasizes the importance of effective buoyancy control, proper bubble management, and efficient gas management skills. After completing the course, divers should be able to safely dive to recreational depths while using a mixed gas rebreather.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Put Radoševca 8, 21000, Split, Croatia


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